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We are almost entirely volunteer-run and welcome new volunteers – we always look for people with a passion for our area; you don’t have to have radio experience.  Please browse our open roles below and apply if one of them interests you, or for general enquiries, email us.

We have been recognised and accredited with the Six-Point Promise Certificate
in volunteer management by Communities 1st.

An excellent opportunity of meeting & working with fellow
volunteers, providing a fantastic service to the Local Community & wider area of Hertfordshire along with gaining an invaluable skillset in using Technology to broadcast live, up to date, relevant content to a growing audience. Marvellous!!”

Allan Monteiro, presenter

The first time I entered a studio as a guest at Radio
Verulam, I was completely fascinated by the unique environment of a radio studio: by the muted tones, the  ‘On Air ‘lights, the sheer number of knobs and buttons on the studio deck, and the absolute professionalism of everyone I met.  I never dreamed an opportunity would come for me to join
them.  With no previous experience, Radio Verulam took a chance on me, gave me the training, and then well, let me loose.  I have an incredible amount to learn still after only one year of course, but I have enjoyed my time so far immensely.  The number of guests that I have interviewed has been my personal highlight.  St Albans has so many interesting people, so many entrepreneurs, and so many people generous with their time for the community. and all of them willing, if not eager to share their stories through Radio Verulam.   I look forward to every show, and to many more years like this one. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Steve Simpson, presenter

We are accredited by Communities 1st

” Being part of a dedicated, supportive team helps with
the roller-coaster that is DriveTime on Radio Verulam. Building the confidence to drive the desk whilst slotting in various pieces that fill the show up is always the fun part and adds to the signature of the overall style. I often think of what the listener is getting, asking myself if I would be enjoying it (as a listener).

From “presenter boot camp” to going “solo” is a truly valuable learning experience. The depth of knowledge, the passion for great radio runs deep.
I’m honoured to once again to be part of Radio Verulam, and thankful to the wider team for their guidance and support.
” Michael Praide, presenter