Team role

Location : Around area - 2 to 4 hours per typical week
There are currently no vacancies for this role

About Radio Verulam:

Radio Verulam is the local, community radio station for St Albans and surrounds, broadcasting 24 hours a day on 92.6FM and online. It is run as a, not for profit company and is predominantly volunteer-led, with around 90 current volunteers providing everything a radio station needs to be on the air, including creating and broadcasting original content which covers various genres of music, speech, arts, current affairs, topical discussion, and news.

Our mission is: To enhance the daily lives of all sections of the community in our area by providing news, information and entertainment. 

Our vision is: To become a widely known and listened to local radio station and internet presence, both of which are recognised within and outside the local community as a professional, engaging and useful service and to form a significant part of the fabric of life in the area, embraced by businesses and individuals.

Overview of tech-ops: To support our external events and less-able presenters who have little knowledge or familiarity with the systems.

  • To manage the technical equipment, including mixing desk and playout systems and to set up and manage mixing systems at outside events, and in the studio for presenters who are not accredited on or uncomfortable with the use of the equipment
  • Manage the technical side of broadcasting from events or the studio, operating the mixing desk, connecting to the studio and using Myriad playout.
  • Initially, supported by the OB Tech Manager for training, then being able to solely run events as a tech manager.
  • Hands-on experience with many types of equipment and event setup, enjoyment and excitement of ‘being live’
Essential Skills

Good knowledge of audio processes, connectivity and mixing consoles.
An understanding of basic IT, wifi, and internet connections.
A cool head under pressure, and the ability to think quickly to solve problems.
Knowledge of PC-based recording systems (e.g. Audacity)

Desirable skills

Audio editing skills (audacity preferred)
Knowledge of analogue audio equipment and where problems can appear.

Learning Opportunities

Experience gained will be a valuable addition to a CV, and more experience will be gained as events occur and different setups are encountered.

Training will mostly be largely on-the-job, either directly at events or at the studio.

There are currently no vacancies for this role