Partnering with nature for a great garden

2021-08-02T21:09:20+01:00August 2nd, 2021|

Could learning how to work with nature be the secret to success in your garden? Rothamsted PhD student, Tessa, shares her findings about beneficial soil bacteria and artificial fertilizer, and Steve Shelley of Earthworks explains how they keep the pests at bay in a holistic way sticking to organic principles. You can read about more [...]

From flowers in carrot fields to bugs in dam water – Rothamsted scientists in the fight against climate change

2019-08-15T08:22:59+01:00August 15th, 2019|

Last week's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report said we need to change the way we use land and grow food if we are to tackle climate change. Rothamsted scientists are on to it. Hannah McGrath and Dr. Adriana Torres-Ballesteros give an insight into the report and explain what they're doing to help.

Quorn helps the fight against crop disease, and the magic of the dawn chorus

2018-05-03T07:13:45+01:00May 3rd, 2018|

Rothamsted Research  Molecular Plant Pathologist Dr.Kim Hammond-Kosack explains how she had a brain wave to use the meat alternative Quorn to help fight an internationally serious crop disease. and Josh Kubale of Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trusts talks about the wonders of the dawn chorus, and the best way to enjoy a bank holiday weekend [...]

Refuse the straw and predicting where hitch hiking insects will turn up next

2018-03-10T20:11:20+00:00July 20th, 2017|

Emma talks about her new St.Albans campaign - Refuse the Straw. Find out what she's achieved and how you can help. Over at Rothamsted Research Charlotte Wainright has been using spare weather data to work out the next stop for hitch hiking pest insects.