2020 Vision – Reflections from the Villages

2020-12-10T11:23:32+00:00December 10th, 2020|

In this second special programme looking back at 2020 Rob Pearman and various Radio Verulam presenters speak to residents of local villages including Redbourn, Sandridge, Wheathampstead and Kimpton. In each case local residents organised themselves to help and support one another and tell their very positive stories.

Councillor David Mitchell, Redbourn

2020-02-21T16:43:25+00:00February 16th, 2020|

We meet Councillor David Mitchell who is an Independent District Councillor for Redbourn Ward and Chair of the Redbourn Parish Council. David is a retired Television Producer and Director. He worked for the BBC for most of his career but also made programmes for ITV and was an Executive Producer for Channel 4. David has [...]

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