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Hosted by : Steve Simpson, Robbie Dove, Jonny Seabrook, Ed Barradell
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From St Albans, it's your best drive home. Up to the minute travel news every 20 minutes, and what's happening across our great city, with interviews, talk and the best of today's music.

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#RVHeadsUp Wed 23 Sep 2020

Your daily FYI from the digital team:

🍎πŸ₯•πŸž Visit St Albans market today for all your local produce.

The Eco Trio of @eat_wholefoods @JeffersonCrafts and @OutPlastic are also back for their monthly β€˜Eco Hub’. 🌍

17oC 🌧️ Showers

Coming up just after 0630 this morning GMSA presenter @KezCobb talks to local artist @BenAskemArtist about his work and about being a judge for The Maltings Art Prize 2020 @MaltingsStAlban #localbusiness #community
(Another chance to hear just after 0830)

#RVHeadsUp Tue 22 Sep 2020

Your daily FYI from the digital team:

🍑 Week 4 of St Albans Food and Drink festival begins and this week it's world foods! 🍜

For more details visit.

24oC β˜€οΈ Sunny

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