What’s your Sustainable Story?

With Extinction Rebellion catapulting climate change into the headlines, the declaration of a climate emergency by the UK parliament and dire warnings about the state of the planet coming thick and fast, times are both up lifting and depressing.

Depressing because it's clear that if we're going to make the necessary changes to ensure that we have a stable climate and the biodiversity we need to continue prospering we need to act fast. Really fast, and the changes that are necessary for this are not happening.

But up lifting because at last more people are talking about environmental problems, news time is being given to them and politicians are beginning to signal that know that the climate has to be top of their agenda, And uplifting because people like you and me are beginning to change their lives, to do their bit, and to share their actions with others.

So as part of St.Albans Sustainability Festival Radio Verulam 92.6fm is hosting Sustainable Stories.

From 18th - 25th May, throughout the week we'll hear from local people who are trying to make a difference to the environment. Many are organising events for the Festival and they'll be sharing tips about how you can help.

Plus, at the Sustainability Festival market takeover on 19th May we'll be recording your sustainable story, Come to our stall to tell us what has inspired you to do something to help the environment, what keeps to you going and what gives you hope (or not) for the future. Your stories will featured in a special programme at 3pm on Thursday 23rd May.

So be uplifted, provoked and inspired by Radio Verulam's week of Sustainable Stories.