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St Stephen Parish Neighbourhood Plan

The St Stephen Neighbourhood Plan is based upon the thoughts, concerns and aspirations of local residents, as identified by the
Community Survey – sent out to every household in the Parish - and numerous public meetings. The Plan covers five distinct
topics and a resultant 29 policies, which will sit alongside the St Albans City and District Council Plan.

It is time to “have your say”
The Plan has now reached its Public Consultation stage, providing the opportunity for residents and other bodies with interests
in the Parish to “have their say” on the Plan’s content and policies. The Plan can be accessed and comments made via the
St Stephen Parish website (www.ststephenparishcouncil.gov.uk).
Residents without Internet access should contact St Stephen Parish Office on 01923 874867 for further information.
The Public Consultation will be open from the beginning of October and close at the end of November
At this point any necessary revisions will be made to the Plan which will then be sent to St Albans City and District Council, who
will organise a further round of consultation, after which the Plan will be placed in the hands of an external Examiner for
comment. The final stage will be the Public Referendum, with residents voting – with a simple Yes or No - on the Plan and its
influence on the face of the Parish over coming years.
To review the Plan and comment visit…
Complete the questionnaire - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/StStephenNPReg14