Radio Verulam’s Drive team celebrates one year on the road

The presenters & team behind Radio Verulam’s ‘St Albans Drive’ programme celebrated their first anniversary on the show on March 15th.

Sharing the air over the week with their own daily shows, Gemma Karuthasami, Robbie Dove, Steve Simpson, Michael Pride, Steve Shrimpton and Allan Monteiro all bring their own personalities and character to their programmes and this means listeners get a different slant on the day’s topics and guests from the community each weekday.

"I decided to try something a little different giving the community a fantastic and energetic local programme with not one but a team of personalities.

All were new to radio except for Robbie Dove who has become the team leader.  I'm so pleased with the outcome - the team is simply excellent!" commented Andy Waterfield, Programme Controller for Radio Verulam.

“We think it’s worked really well – it gives each presenter more time to research and plan their show and keeps it all fresh and vibrant.”

Andy also believes it gives more breadth to its community involvement. “As each presenter has his or her own personal interests and contacts, it means we can involve the community much more and of course bring our commuting listeners regular traffic updates every 20 minutes to get them home or out for the evening.”

The team has found it a truly beneficial experience for each of them.

Robbie Dove, team leader, said “Volunteering on St Albans Drive over the past year has been a breath of fresh air. It’s been a pleasure working alongside a range of people - some of which with previous radio experience, others without - but the common theme for us is professionalism.”

The sentiments were echoed by fellow-presenters Alan Monteiro, Michael Praide and Steve Simpson.

Steve recalls “With no previous experience, Radio Verulam took a chance on me, gave me the training, and then let me loose.  I have an incredible amount to learn still after only one year, but I have enjoyed my time so far immensely.  The number of guests that I have interviewed has been my personal highlight.”,

Alan is also enthusiastic - “It’s an excellent opportunity of meeting & working with fellow volunteers, providing a fantastic service to the Local Community & wider area of Hertfordshire and to broadcast live, up to date, relevant content to a growing audience.“

Michael concludes “Being part of a dedicated, supportive team helps with the roller-coaster that is St Albans Drive on Radio Verulam. Building the confidence to drive the desk whilst slotting in various pieces that fill the show up is always the fun part and adds to the signature of the overall style. I’m honoured to be part of Radio Verulam, and thankful to the wider team for their guidance and support.”

St Albans Drive airs on 92.6FM and online weekdays from 4pm to 7pm and delivers regular local traffic bulletins and news items as well as guest interviews and of course a wide range of music.