Introducing Dr Kathy Weston – your local parenting expert!

Radio Verulam are proud to announce a new sponsor for the new St Albans Drive airing Monday to Fridays from 4-7pm.

Dr Kathy Weston is a renowned parenting expert who works closely with parents & schools.

Quote from Dr Kathy Weston -

It’s simple. I believe in optimal parenting; being the best parent you can be, knowing all the available evidence. I believe this is only possible through a new understanding and engagement with the world in which our children are growing up; a world that is ever-changing.

We are all terribly busy and when we do spend time with our children, we need to feel that we are getting it right. When our children experience difficulties, we don’t want to waste time on poor quality information; we need to apply the wisdom that can be immediately mined from the available evidence.

I am an academic, but I like to keep things simple. You don’t need to read 50 parenting books – just stick with me.

Find out more https://www.drkathyweston.com/

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