Free Marketing Advice for Local Businesses during the Coronavirus by Wagada

Topics : Business, Community

St Albans based digital marketing agency, Wagada (www.wagada.co.uk/), is offering local St Albans and Hertfordshire based businesses free marketing advice to help them quickly adjust to the rapidly changing market conditions they now face.

The impact of the Coronavirus is taking its toll but how you market your business during a crisis is key to achieving success. Local digital marketing agency, Wagada, is giving a helping hand by offering free, practical marketing advice from the Wagada team, either by phone or via video conferencing.

Wagada’s tips on how to create an effective marketing strategy in a crisis have just been published. The article includes a ‘how to’ guide as to what to include in a marketing strategy.

 For advice and support, please get in touch with the Wagada team via the website: