Can you help home-learning children and families with an old laptop or tablet, or IT support?

Local Harpenden based childcare provider FizzBug launches Share2Learn Initiative to support local schools and families with home learning during lockdown. FizzBug pledges to provide computers, tablets, data and IT support to families in need and to support schools with the effective roll-out of home-learning throughout the National lockdown to ensure no child is left behind.

Whilst the Department of Education are providing Junior Schools with tablets, a) there’s not enough and b) some households are unable to afford the required data.  In addition, some families have just the one device (often a phone) which can not be shared between multiple children of different ages and needs.

Support can be provided by:

  1. Loaning or donating IT equipment in the form of laptops or tablets
  2. IT businesses able to support families and schools with set up and technical issues
  3. Fundraising for donations towards additional equipment and data plans If you would like to contribute towards a data plan

For more information, please visit www.fizzbug.co.uk  or www.facebook.com/fizzbugshare2learn