Actors, screenwriters lend me your ears!

Topics : Community, Film, Fun

If you’re marooned at home, with nothing to do and have always fancied giving screenwriting a go then read on…

As its response to the current COVID-19 pandemic the Company of Ten is inviting everyone, professional or amateur, to devise a one-minute long, yes that’s right just one minute long, script for a simple film that can be made using nothing more than a smartphone. The subject should be about social isolation during this time of lockdown but you can approach it in any way you like.

So listen up guys, here’s how it works…

  1. Submissions are cordially invited from anyone in the UK – so please tell your friends and associates.
  2. Remember just one minute in length.
  3. About social isolation in the time of COVID-19.
  4. Sad, funny, wise or downright silly – we love it all.
  5. Gotta be filmable on a smartphone in a single take.
  6. Oh, and preferably with just a single actor – that means one actor, not necessarily an unmarried actor!
  7. And send your opus in either MS Word or PDF format to: production@abbeytheatre.org.uk.
  8. Good luck.