5 Easy tips for a greener Xmas

Christmas can be a bit of an environmental disaster - here's 5 easy tips to help

  • Buy trees for last minute gifts: ​there are lots of places online that you can have trees planted for a donation. A lovely thought, lovely for wildlife and lovely for the planet.
  • Banish food waste: Xmas is the biggest time of year for throwing good food out, and it has an enormous carbon footprint. Do a bit of careful maths to decide how much food to buy and prepare and look after any leftovers, labelling and freezing ready for easy meals in the new year.​ Ensure that any food that is wasted goes into your food waste caddy (and stops your bin from getting horridly smelly).
  • Recycle: ​it really doesn't take long to sort rubbish ready for recycling. Aluminium is particularly important to recycle so rinse off any foil and scrunch it into a fist sized ball ready to pop into your black recycling bin. And when Xmas is done your real Xmas tree (with all decorations removed) can go into your green waste bin.
  • Keep it cool: put on those Xmas jumpers and make a real difference by switching the central heating down by 1 degree.
  • Pass on unwanted gifts: use Freegle, St.Albans Reuse Project FB group or local charity shops to find the best recipient for your unwanted gift.