Tributes, ballroom dances, a songwriter spotlight and much more

FIRST BROADCAST : October 27, 2017 7:00 pm
Topics : Music

On this weeks Ready Steady Go:

The number one singles of 35 and 40 years ago this week, the UKs top instrumental group of the 60s and Elvis's pianist.

Also: A quickstep, a jive, a foxtrot, a Viennese waltz and a samba from last weekends Strictly and the songwriter spotlight falls on Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway (ouch!)

Plus: A tribute to producer Jack Good with a few British rock 'n' roll acts.

And: In the final hour - a country classic and we remember "the girl with the giggle in her voice" and "the British Bing"

All that and much more on RSG with PF on RV Friday 7-10pm.