Tracks of your Life

FIRST BROADCAST : June 11, 2017 2:00 pm
Topics : Music

Mary Muldoon is Elspeth's guest on "Tracks of your Life" this Sunday afternoon. She's Irish and the eldest of 11 children, so she has lots of tales to tell about her siblings.  In fact, the whole programme is like a family album with choices for her brother, her sisters, her mother and even her grandmother. You'll enjoy your choice of music, from the Beegees and the Monkeys to Mary Black, Abba and Guns and Roses oh yes, and Bette Midler's the Rose, a song which Mary sings a lot herself. Yes, she really enjoys singing kareoke, and is in demand locally, often alongside her uncle who also has a good voice. That's  TRACKS OF YOUR LIFE this Sunday afternoon, between 2 and 4. No, we're not talking heavy metal and punk, but a gentle, easy on the ear, pleasant afternoon with a lovely lady.