The Record Club Series 2 Ep3

FIRST BROADCAST : December 16, 2018 11:00 pm
Topics : Fun

If there is one meeting of the Record Club you are likely to treasure for ever more its this one,  this Sunday at 11.02pm prompt on 92.6FM Radio Verulam, comedy records of all sorts will be played and the chance for you as club members to suggest a disk you find particularly amusing by contacting the club secretary at dave@soultowers.co.uk or on twitter @rvrecordclub.

1 Not 9 Oclock News Final Demands
2 Benny Hill Ernie
3 Gerrad Hoffnung Bricks
4 Spitting Image Special Relationship
5 Joyce Grenfel Nursery
6 Gerrard Hoffnung Tourist Advice
7 Peter Sellars Good School
8 Tom Lehrer Pollution
9 Roy Hudd Wedding Commentary
10 Tony Hancock Blood Doner
11 Gerrad Hoffnung French Widow
12 Two Ronnies Chackun a Son Gout
13 Peter Sellars Balham Gateway to the South