Soul Show Special St Albans Funk at the Alban Arena

FIRST BROADCAST : June 1, 2019 8:00 pm

Hi Folks, hope you enjoyed our coverage of St Albans Funk at the Alban Arena, here is the full set list, songs we hope to revisit in future..

1 St Albans Funk Meesh Jay
2 You Never Notice Me Craig Garrett
3 Phat Funk Meesh Jay
4 Travellers Song Katy Hurt
5 Thinking About The Past Katy Hurt
6 Babs Beauty Salon Lidiaana
7 Live Again Melissa James
8 Funk Soul Medley St Albans Funk
9 You Melt My Heart Kedma Macias
10 Hell Is Empty St Albans Funk
11 Mr Fool Lidiaana
12 Racism Is Ignorance Meesh Jay
13 Sing My Song Gui Jones
14 People Come Back To Me Meesh Jay
15 Pick Up The Pieces Mo Pleasure Band
16 Sympathy Kedma Macias
17 Romance It Dead Katy Hurt
18 Rise Kedma Macias
19 Our Family St Albans Funk
20 St Albans Funk St Albans Funk