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Sandringham Students Show Tenacity

Stowe Family Law sponsors Verulam in the Morning
FIRST BROADCAST : February 19, 2021 9:00 am

Join me, Steve Simpson  on Verulam in the Morning  this Friday when I will be joined by students from Sandringham School who have set up their own company, Tenacity ,  as part of the Young Enterprise Program.  Nabrissa Badu, Max Ballard , Sophie Mair , Anna McKee and Terry the Tiger take a break from the boardroom to tell us all about their project to make children's lives better,

Also Anna  Franklin  joins us to talk about her  exciting theatrical production , The Regina Monologues in  which she is both directing and performing,  and which will be streamed live from the Maltings Theatre on the 27th February. This is the modern retelling of the stories of the wives of Henry the Eighth, and promises to bring a very welcome return to live theatre in St Albans.

We will also  have a fiendishly difficult Birthday Celebrity Quiz, Time Travel, loads of local stories and great great music to make you feel good.

That's Verulam in The Morning, with Steve Simpson on Friday morning from 9:00 am until midday on Radio Verulam 92.6FM, online at Radioverulam.com and on your smart speaker.

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