Return of Verulam Sports

FIRST BROADCAST : August 5, 2017 3:00 pm

After a lovely Summer break, the Verulam Sports team are chomping at the bit to return and will be back in a new time slot from 3-5.30pm every Saturday from August 5th...

We need your help, last year Producer and Presenter Tony Rice went on record as saying the mighty Saints of St Albans FC would win the league....

Alas, after a powerful early run it fell off slightly and they ended up in 10th spot. Consequently, Tony must do a forfeit and it would be great to do this on the shows return. So, please promote, encourage your listeners to tweet in/call in and email with their suggestions.

Filter them to tony.rice@radioverlam.com rest assured this challenge will be met but we need your help to create the forfeit!!