Our St Albans Jewish Community

FIRST BROADCAST : July 29, 2020 8:00 pm

This programme is a journey into the cultural, historical and personal history of our St Albans Jewish Community, holding a mirror up to reflect their voices, thoughts and words in the light of the Covid 19 virus. All communities have been affected in different and unique ways. This is an insight into how the pandemic is impacting our Jewish community. Starting with Helen Singer and Jackie Guess we will look at the history of both the United Synagogue https://www.theus.org.uk/stalbans and the Masorti Synagogue (SAMS) https://masorti.org.uk/about-masorti/about-masorti.html and touching on the upcoming exhibition in St Albans Museum in 2021 as part of the www.e-sams.org/roots initiative. Moving on Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffat from SAMS speaks about his impression of our City. Next Rosanna Rafel-Rix from the Antisemitism Policy Trust https://antisemitism.org.uk/ will provide a national context to Jewish communities in Britain. Last but not least we will have Samuel who is 10 years old from Shenley speaking about having a lock down birthday. Tune in on Wednesday, 29 July, at 8pm