Lockdown Dads Reboot 2.0 – At The Movies

FIRST BROADCAST : December 31, 2020 8:00 pm
Topics : Cinema

This New Year's Eve on the Parents Show, there's another chance to hear the hilarious Lockdown Dads as they bring you a lighthearted and irreverent  investigation into the role of Cinema and Movies as part of parenting and family life.  The panel of less than ordinary dads bring their opinions and observations, unencumbered by facts, evidence or qualifications , to discuss everything from  the cinema experience as a family event, to the movies they cant wait to share with their children. There may even be some unforgettable movie impressions sneaked in too

Join Steve Simpson with the Lockdown Dads 2.0 Reboot  Movie special,  this Thursday at 8:00pm on Radio Verulam .

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Hasta La Vista Baby.