Local Life New Series

FIRST BROADCAST : October 11, 2017 7:00 pm

Hundreds of people across St Albans District work for local charities and voluntary groups.  A new series on Local Life (Wednesday 7pm - 8pm) brings you insight into what many of these organisations do, who they serve, how and why - and what opportunities they offer.  The series starts this week (Wednesday 11 October) with a look at Hertfordshire Fostering Service.  Jill Burridge chats with one of the local organisers and with a mother who has been fostering for several years (so far: a baby, a teenager and now four siblings).  They highlight the opportunities and challenges of stepping in to care for babies, young children and young adults at a moment when what they need more than anything is a secure home and family environment.

This series will look at a different local charity or volunteer group every other Wednesday.  (Next up: Hertfordshire Independent Living - 25 October).  If you volunteer or work for a local charity, email local.life@radioverulam.com to find out how to have your organisation included in this series.

Local Life includes a weekly look at the environment and sustainability from Amanda Yorwerth ("Environment Matters"), interviews, articles from Hertfordshire Life and other publications, previews of music, theatre, lectures and more coming up across the District, book and audiobook discussions - in association with St Albans & District Talking Newspaper.