Like Father, Like Merson-Can you out pundit the Merson’s?

FIRST BROADCAST : November 11, 2017 3:00 pm
Topics : Community, Family, Fun, Sport

Calling all arm chair pundits and football fanatics. Every Saturday Verulam Sport pits Saints star Sam Merson against Arsenal legend and professional pundit-Father Paul.

It is a clash of their footballing wits as we see who can win in the punditry stakes covering the Premier League fixtures. 3 points for a correct score line prediction, 1 point for the right result and zero if they are simply off!

Think you can do better, get involved! Call in on 01727 839 926, tweet your predictions to @verulamsport or email studio@radioverulam.com

Get off the sofa and in the game! Verulam Sport Saturday's 3pm-5.30pm