FEED, the foodbank that gives their guests more than just food for their body !

FIRST BROADCAST : September 17, 2017 2:00 pm
Show :
Topics : Community, Faith, Music

Its Kevee Lynch again! That man gets everywhere, and for the first hour of the show, he shares music on his chosen theme. " Bands I have played in", so you'll get a kind of self portrait in music.

Then for the second hour,from 3.00pm  listen to volunteers at the FEED foodbank. Discover why, each Monday morning, they serve their guests with soup, hot drinks, and all manner of snacks, why they take time to sit and listen to all their  woes of poverty, broken relationships, and  illness. Be amazed at the true story  of one  guest who was dramatically healed immediately after prayer. Enjoy their zest for living and there love of God and people, which enables this work to continue.