“Faith Alive”

FIRST BROADCAST : May 7, 2017 9:00 am
Show : Faith Alive
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Do you believe that miracles happen today ? Well,Elspeth's guest in Faith Alive  ( which you can hear on Friday night at 11.pm and also on Sunday morning,) has seen several miracles of healing. Peter Hardy came first to the Vineyard foodbank with a crumbling spine and a neck brace. That very day when prayed for, his pain level went down from 10 to 2. Over the last few years more miracles of healing happened, and I tell you, the last one will blow your mind. After some sort of cancer, the top part of his fingers on one hand turned black  and although the surgeon wanted to chop them off, in a week or two they were living again and pink !. Elspeth says she's seen them, and in the second hour of Faith Alive, she draws all these stories out of Peter !.That's in Faith Alive on Friday night and Sunday morning.