Dereck’s Saturday Music Show.

FIRST BROADCAST : April 11, 2020 9:00 am
Topics : Fun, Music, Our Station

Dereck’s Saturday Music Show kicks off just after the news at 9-00 with songs from the UK's best selling singles chart in April 1969, at 11-15 it’s the music and news from April 1978. We “Value A Disc” just after 10, then Stephen Hall chooses two songs from the 1970's and Ken Moorton has a Northern Soul classic and a cover version of the song Beggin. Dereck remembers Bill Withers between 10 and 11 and Barry Hilliard will call in with the latest news regarding St Albans City Football Club at 9-45. In to the final hour we have another TV theme in Kid's Corner, play our game of Connections, then its our 45rpm - April 1978.