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Council Leader Chris White Discusses Hospital Agreement

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FIRST BROADCAST : October 16, 2020 8:00 am

Joining Steve Simpson on Verulam in The Morning this Friday, is Councillor Chris White, leader of St Albans District Council to give his views on the recent announcement by the West Herts  Hospitals Trust and the Herts Valley Clinical Commissioning Group that they had reached unanimous agreement on the shortlisted and preferred options for new hospital facilities in the area. In particular Cllr Chris  addresses the decision not to include an option for a green field site amongst those options, and the impact that  will have on the likely overall success of the project.

In the light of the rapidly changing position on the Covid 19 pandemic, Cllr Chris also discusses the impact of the measures to control the disease on the economy and communities of  St Albans, and what the next steps may be.

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