Calling ALL Arm Chair Sports Fans. Pit Your Football Punditry Prowess Against Paul And Sam Merson in Verulam Sports Regular Feature; ‘Like Father, Like Merson…’ Get Involved!

FIRST BROADCAST : December 15, 2018 3:00 pm

The Premiership fixtures come in thick and fast during the Festive Period and Verulam Sports regular feature 'Like Father, Like Merson' has seen some changes, We pit Saints Star Striker Sam Merson against his Pro-Pundit Pop, Paul in the Premiership Prediction battle and, Sam has over taken Paul for the first time since the early phases of the season. He leads before this weekends round of matches by 137 points to 131.

A reminder of the rules: 3pts for an accurate scoreline prediction, 1pt for a correct result prediction but incorrect score and 0pts for a completly wrong prediction.

Think you can do better? Course you do, well here's the Mersons predictions for this weekends round of Premier League matches.

Sam Merson                v                   Paul Merson

3-0             Man City v Everton                     3-0

2-2              Crystal Palace v Leicester City   1-1

2-1              Wolves v Bournemouth               2-2

1-0               Huddersfield v  Newcastle          1-1

3-1               Tottenham v  Burnley FC            3-1

1-1               Watford  v  Cardiff City                2-1

1-3              Fulham v  West Ham                    1-3

0-2            Southampton v Arsenal                 1-3

1- 2               Brighton v Chelsea                       1-3

2-0              Liverpool v Man Utd                    2-0

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