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FIRST BROADCAST : November 10, 2018 3:00 pm

Every Saturday Verulam Sport challenges Saints Star Striker Sam Merson to go against his Pro-Pundit Pop, Paul in the Premiership Prediction battle called. Like Father, Like Merson. Sam had a great weekend last week but Paul still holds a commanding lead.

Think you can do better? Course you do, well here's the Mersons predictions for this weekends round of Premier League matches.

Sam Merson                v                    Paul Merson

0-0                Cardiff v Brighton             1-0

1-1                 Southampton v Watford   1-2

2- 0              Leicester City v Burnley FC  3-1

1-2                Newcastle Utd v Bournemouth 0-2

1-2               Crystal Palace v  Tottenham     1-1

1-0               Huddersfield v West Ham       1-2

5-0             Liverpool v Fulham                      5-0

3-1              Manchester City v Manchester Utd 3-1

3-0             Arsenal v Wolves                              3-1

2-1              Chelsea v Everton                          2-0

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