“Beautiful” Drama on at the Abbey Theatre this May Day bank holiday!

FIRST BROADCAST : April 28, 2019 2:00 pm
Topics : Theatre

Joining me for a chat this week are Tim Hoyle and Liana Wyatt, both starring in the latest production of "The Things I Know To Be True" on the Main Stage at the Abbey Theatre in St Albans.

A Play by Andrew Bovell. Best known for writing films such as "Lantana" and co-wrote "Strictly Ballroom" with Baz Lurman.

Charming, Funny, Articulate, and Poignant drama, find out all about this spectacular new play on Sunday, 28th April from 2 pm!

Not forgetting Tips for Monday Morning, Dandy Shoutouts, and Spot Mabel! "Don't Call Me Up, and Call Me Up!"