A new look for Sunday afternoon

FIRST BROADCAST : September 10, 2017 2:00 pm
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Now if you enjoyed "Tracks of your Life" on Sunday afternoon, you'll still have it, but this time with a difference. Its from 2 to 3 pm and one local person will entertain us with music on a theme.   (Yes, just guess which presenter has chosen the theme of "Bands I have played in " though I'm saving him for a later date! )This week we hear Mike Ruff share his enthusiasm for English country dancing.....which goes back centuries. He's even writing a book on it ! That's the first hour of ELSPETH'S AFTERNOON

In the 2nd hour, I cram several people into the studio, for instance, this Sunday, 10th Sept, I have an artist, Gerry Wilmer, a novelist, Kathryn Weller, and for my co-presenter  seasoned broadcaster Andrew Mills, who also has a dog, though she's staying at home . Ah !  We all have our Christian faith in common, and in this magazine-type programme, we have a bit of everything, including humour a quiz, and fast moving contemporary Christian music. So if you had in your mind that Christians were a bit dull and churchy, tune in at 3.00 and you might change your mind.