Phil Richards interviews Sarah Snow from Stowe Family Law on Verulam in the Morning. Here are the questions:

How do I register a civil partnership and do I have the same rights as in marriage? Plus how do I dissolve it if it all goes wrong?

Is my house owned before marriage marital property in the case of a divorce?

Following the change in the law I am a women who now wants a civil partnership with my boyfriend. However, 3 years ago I signed a pre-nuptial agreement. What legality does the pre-nuptial agreement now have in the case of civil partnership rather than marriage?

I wish to divorce my wife of 12 years. Will she be entitled to half of my inheritance that I have just received from my mothers estate? I have not put the money in a joint bank account but an account held in my name only.

My wife is now cohabiting with another women and our 3 children plus the other women's 2 children. Am I legally obliged to be financially responsible for all of them?