Phil Richards of Verulam in the Morning talks to Claire McParland of Stowe Family Law about divorce matters. Here are the questions:

I am divorcing my husband and he has moved to New Zealand. He says he is going to get custody of our 3 children through the New Zealand courts although they live in the UK. Is this possible?

I went travelling with my best friend for 6 weeks only to find that my husband has sold the house for cash and vanished. What can I do?

I divorced my wife 6 months ago but we have fallen in love again. Can we re marry?

I have lived with my boyfriend for 6 years and we now plan to get married. He has presented me with a pre nuptial agreement that even covers what I should do in the event of a divorce. Is this legally binding and are my rights affected?

I have been married to my wife for 53 years. She has been diagnosed with dementia and wants a divorce. I know it's not best for her but what can I do to protect the marriage?