Phil Richards interviews Claire McParland from Stowe Family Law regarding family law matters. Here are the questions:

I wish to divorce my husband of 47 years but don't want to leave the family home although he does. Do I have a right of abode?

My mother recently passed away and left a Will which says none of her children or grand children are entitled to anything. The Will was written when she had severe dementia. Can we challenge this Will as her spoken intentions before the dementia set in were to leave everything to her family?

I'm having a bad time  with my wife. Can a lawyer recommend some sort of mediation rather than out right divorce?

I have separated from my wife who has racked up huge credit card debts. Am I part liable for these debts if we divorce?

My father keeps writing a Will using DIY Will kits. It works out to one every year and they are all different. Which one should we use if any?