Phil Richards interviews Claire McParland of Stowe Family Law about divorce related issues. Here are the questions:

I have been married to my husband for 22 years but we are going through a 'rough patch'. Can a divorce lawyer recommend or even provide mediation to sort our problems out and avoid a divorce?

I am planning to divorce my wife. I was recently introduced to a divorce lawyer when in my local pub. Am I able to check if this person is really a lawyer? Does a national register exist?

I split up with my wife 3 years ago and ever since have been paying a mutually agreed amount to support her and our two children. Last week my wife declared she wants to double the maintenance but I can't afford to do this. What can I do legally?

I married a man after knowing him for only 4 months. I've just discovered that he is still married to a previous wife and has never divorced. I no longer want to be with him so can I have the marriage annulled?

I am in the middle of divorcing my husband. His mother has recently died and left him a fortune whilst stipulating in her Will that I mustn't receive a penny. Does this windfall have to be included in some sort of financial disclosure that would be involved in the divorce?