Phil Richards interviews Stowe Family Law on Verulam in the Morning. Here are the questions:

My husband has sent me a divorce petition from Australia and I have sent him one at the same time from the UK. Which one should be used? We are both claiming adultery.

I had a religious marriage ceremony 23 years ago although the officiator wasn't registered to legally marry people. I wish to marry again so do I have to actually divorce before I can do this?

My husband wants a divorce and has moved out of the family home. He has emptied our bank accounts leaving me with no money to pay for my solicitor or living costs. What can I do in this situation?

I split up with my wife 2 years ago and pay £800 per month in child maintenance although I suspect none of this is spent on my two children. Instead my wife's new boyfriend pays for everything. What can I do to stop my money being wasted?

I broke off my engagement recently. Is the diamond ring mine to keep or do I have to give it back?