We meet Councillor Josie Madoc who is the Liberal Democrat Councillor for Clarence Ward in the centre of St Albans.

Josie has always lived in St Albans, and was even born in St Albans hospital! She went to school here, and has held various jobs here too. Josie's children now go to school here and she has a whole lifetime of memories tied to St Albans, including of the wonderful Clarence Park.
Josie is the newest councillor, having recently been elected in October of 2019 in the Clarence by-election. Josie never thought she would be a councillor, and had never even been involved in politics before last year when her daughter was not allocated a place at secondary school. Josie protested in town, got national news coverage and helped lots of other parents in the same position. She found that she had a voice, and could help others. Also Josie was very keen to set an example to her children that anyone can make a difference.
Josie says she is fairly vocal and not shy, so that helps!