We meet Liberal Democrat Councillor Helen Campbell.

Helen tells us what matters to people in her ward and what she thinks are the priorities for the District.

Helen has lived in St Albans for 17 years and feels privileged to live in such a beautiful city. She has two teenagers who keep her on her toes, is a freelance journalist and has a (very) small new eco business. Her writing covers energy, the environment, logistics, shipping and technology; the scariest thing she has ever done is to be submerged upside down in a training helicopter, and learn how to escape. Fast.

Previously politically minded but not politically active, Helen had never considered standing for election before the June 2016 referendum. But that prompted her to get stuck in to the General Election in 2017 and then successfully stand as a candidate for Marshalswick South in spring 2018. She has also co-led St Albans for Europe since 2017.

Motivated by her understanding of the gradual decline of some of the UK’s once-thriving towns, she is determined to help keep St Albans a pleasant place to live. She believes that only tackling issues holistically and at the root will produce sustainable solutions. Helen is a volunteer Centre 33, St Albans’ drop-in for the homeless and vulnerable; as well as the climate crisis, her main concerns are homelessness, poverty and social care.