This is guidance for reporters who record the daily news bulletins for Radio Verulam.


The purpose of these bulletins is to:

  • Inform our listeners
  • Highlight our local content, the fact we are a LOCAL station
  • Give a sense of immediacy to our output

This guidance covers the mechanics rather than the “art”.  You can see full guidance on how to construct a bulletin in the Presenters’ Manual.

The bulletin

The bulletin should consist of:

  • Three to four local news stories with a bulletin total length of 60 seconds or less


  • The bulletin should start with “and this is [NAME] with the local headlines”
  • Then stories each separated by a short gap (around ¾ second)
  • Then “There are more local stories at and


Stories can be sourced from the Herts Advertiser and/or the St Albans Review online ( and

Save your edited stories by filling in the form in the news section of RV:INSIDE.  You can then read them from this page.  This also helps others on quiet news days as they may reuse one or more of your stories (and you can do the same).

Cart Numbers:

You should have access to a Dropbox folder called “top of the hour”.  In this folder there is one sub-folder per day.  Into the relevant sub-folder, you should put a WAV files whose name starts with the numbers shown below:

 Bulletin File name starts
Monday 9020
Tuesday 9021
Wednesday 9022
Thursday 9023
Friday 9024
Saturday 9025
Sunday 9026

So, for a Tuesday bulletin, the file would be in the folder “Tuesday” with the name 9021.WAV.

Bulletins must be recorded and submitted before 5.30am, or the evening before.

You will need to be able to use Audacity to record items

You should apply normalisation and compression top the audio before saving it : see