The St Albans Food & Drink Festival will take place from 27 September to 7 October 2017 in venues throughout St Albans District.

St Albans Street Feast (formerly the Finale) will be held on 1st October 2017. You can apply to hold a stall at the Street Feast here.
The Food & Drink Festival Industry Awards Dinner will be held on 2nd October 2017.


The Festival Events Team will be managing the Street Feast and the Awards as well as collating and distributing the marketing materials. We are inviting the local community to suggest and deliver any events which are in some way related to food and drink. This year is the TENTH FOOD & DRINK FESTIVAL: Is there anything you can do to focus on the TEN YEARS? Themes in 10? 10 events? 10 courses? 10 festival bottles? 10 places on a secret dining club?


Do you have an idea for a great event? Fill in the form below and we’ll include it in our publicity!


Tips for a great event:
• Decide on your event, know your audience, find your venue and make sure it is available for the date(s) you require
• Ensure you have the right equipment and number of staff or volunteers
• Decide whether your event will be free or whether you will charge for tickets
• We can add information to your listing of where to buy tickets but unfortunately are not able to administrate or sell tickets to your event on your behalf.


Permissions and paperwork (see for more information)
• Ensure you have public liability insurance and also that your venue has the right insurance, equipment and technical support if required
• Do you need to submit an Event Notification Form to the Safety Advisory Group
• Do you need a TEN (temporary events notice) from St Albans Council.
• Ensure you have the correct licenses to perform, to sell alcohol or to serve food. If you’re not sure about any of the above, please contact the Events Team on
• Promote your event. We will only be able to include a selection of events in the brochure, with a fully searchable and widely promoted listings feature on our festival website. To have your event considered for inclusion in the Festival brochure then please ensure you complete the below form by 22 June . After this date, it will not go in the brochure but will still be included on the website.
• If you chose to supply us with a photograph, you give your consent for it to be used to publicise your event. Not all photographs will be used in the brochure, but they will appear on the website alongside your event listing. Please also provide us with up to four lines of text so we can put this on the website with your event listing and photograph.
• Let us know how you get on. Don’t forget to work an evaluation into your event so we can talk about what worked and what didn’t work for next time.