Internal blog post
Would you like to learn something new?

Now and then we have problems filling in gaps in our daytime schedule. I suspect some of the problem is the very fact that it is daytime and many of us have elsewheres to be!

So if you currently present a specialist show (or any other show in reality), would you be interested in also learning how to do voice-tracking so you can help fill in the gaps in the daytime schedule? Daytimes are important - it's where we sell advertising and OFCOM snoop on us during the day.

Voice tracking is quick. You prepare ahead but rather than recording the programme real time, you only record the links, typically 5 - 6 per hour. There's a bit of a knack to it but once mastered it's easy and ideal for general daytime playlist shows. Typically you voice track links a day or two before the transmission; when it goes out, the listener shouldn't notice the difference.

So, if you are interested and can help out please get in touch and we can get this started. It won't take long to learn how to do it and it is a useful skill.