Internal blog post
What to do when you experience a technical problem – new procedure

In a step to better track and manage our technical and engineering tasks, we're introducing a centralised 'ticket' system for reporting technical issues. This new process will replace the current official process of emailing We also want to continue to discourage the reporting of issues via WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms as we cannot keep track of issues that way and may not necessarily be alerted to them via these methods because of ever-changing algorithms.

From now on, if you now experience a technical issue, whether it's related to the website, Myriad, studio systems or other, please use the form located under Help in RVInside, called Report a problem.

Please ensure you include as much information as possible (e.g. which computer, which studio, which Myriad cart playert, what the error messages say, time the issue happened, what you were doing at the time etc...) as it makes it extremely difficult and time consuming to work out what has happened without this information and reduces the chance of resolution.

This will alert the engineering team that there is an issue, and automatically add the issue to our tracking system. It will also allow us to update you by email as to the progress on resolving the issue.

Many thanks for your assistance with this - if you continue to use WhatsApp or other channel for general technical issues, we will politely ask you to use the form (unless of course the website itself is down 😊) before we try to address the issue.

The only exceptions to this are if we are

  1. off-air or
  2. about to go off-air or lose continuity for a technical reason (such as ingestion is down) or
  3. the website is down

in which case WhatsApp and phone are acceptable.

Thank you 😊
The Engineering Team