Internal blog post

Say Hello to;

Caitlin O'Reilly - Studio Assistant for Bouche a Oreille! Caitlin volunteered a while back and we have finally found her a role. She is studying French & Spanish so will be a great addition to our French Show! Caitlin will also be helping out at OB's.

Ava Hartington - Studio Assistant - The Music Lab. Ava recently applied and is studying media at Sandringham & is to help Alex out with Social Media etc. Ava's brother Max was a regular volunteer on Danny's show.

Zoe Walton - Studio Assistant - Nick Hazell - Verulam in the Morning. Zoe came in as a guest on Danny's show and had such a good time she has now volunteered with us! Zoe will also be helping out at OB's & with Social Media at events.

Great to see so many volunteers coming through!

Have a great day everyone and thank you for all your hard work at RV.


Denise - Volunteer Manager