Internal blog post
Weekly update – 29 May 2020

I hope you have been able to stay safe and well and take advantage of the incredible weather.

Don't forget, if you want to submit a programme or content for consideration for entry in this years' Community Radio Awards, fill in the form by midnight on Sunday 7th June

Team meetings - these are important so please make an effort to attend yours.  They are a good way to get information and to raise questions you might have

Flower Show - encourage your friends, family and neighbours to sign up to the virtual flower show raising money for us and Rennie Grove

Helping out - I could do with one or two people who can help with a project, writing training content for our new e-learning system.  Everything from how to present things like the weather to how to record audio or publish a podcast.  Please let me know if you can help.

Skills - look out for a request to let us know your skills and time availability so we can better understand how you can help behind the scenes.

Fundraising - Next week we'll be announcing the next online quiz.  The last one was great fun and this one will be St Albans themed.

Thank you - as always, if you are helping behind the scenes, you are doing really important work.  Thank you.

Finances - We are now over £6,000 raised against our challenge of £30,000...we are 20% of the way there.   Please send your plans or ideas to