Internal blog post
Weekly update – 25 Sep

Back from holidays and back to more great things we are doing as a team.  A few highlights:

  • The silver award at the CMA Awards
  • A sponsor (SA Law) for our food and drink coverage
  • The only place you can find the food and drink festival events listings
  • Monthly run rate page views on our website at a record 18,000
  • A series of OBs in the next ten days including the food and drink street festival, beer festival, and food and drink awards
  • Personal appearances on behalf of Radio Veurulam hosting food and drink events

Between all this, it is surprising we also find the time to do all the things we think of as "normal" (daily or weekly shows, programming Myriad, training people, keeping the accounts, etc etc).  And, speaking personally,  this is getting to be a heavy workload.

So, if you know anyone who really is good at administration and organising, working with people and who doesn't mind that quite a lot of our work is done at home, please put them in touch with me; I need to spread the load.