Internal blog post
Weekly update – 19 June 2020

Great to see many of us on last week's volunteer call. Thanks to Elly for organising it; look out for the next one. I know that no particular day or time of day suits everyone but please do your best so we all get to participate.

Just over a week ago, the Company held its Annual General Meeting by Zoom call. This is an important part of our company governance at which our members get to hear about our financial position and to elect the people ultimately responsible for the proper operation of the Company, our Directors. I want to thank everyone who has played their part by serving as a Director of the company. This takes time and an ability to deal with legal requirements upon them and is done without any form of pay or expenses.

The Directors of the Company are now Roma Bhowmick, Kerry Cobb, Clive Glover, Mike Gray, Nick Hazell, and Phil Richards. You can learn more about the company at

Our financial position has improved sufficiently for the Directors to have decided to reinstate commission payments on sales.  We think this is a first sensible step towards reversing some of the cost reduction measures we put in place early to avoid disaster.  This should help us start to increase revenues as companies think about marketing.  I am very proud of the way the Board acted quickly and decisively on cost reduction and put in place early measures to ensure we stayed on air from the day our studios closed.

We are aware we haven't heard from some volunteers for a while and it may be that some have needed to cease volunteering with us.  Elly is going to be going through our list of volunteers so please look out for communications, in particular one which will be asking you to indicate areas where you have experience outside of radio where you can help us.  This will help us understand who is remaining as a volunteer with us as we continue as a virtual organisation.

As always, of you have questions please ask.  I know that, no matter how hard we try to communicate, things will get missed and in a vacuum concern can grow, leading to incorrect impressions of plans or actions....just ask!