Internal blog post
Weekly update – 1 May 2020

Dear All,
Thank you all for your hard work on the fundraising - our appeal has now raised over £5000, a large part of which has come from county councillors with whom Clive has been speaking.  Still a way to go, but a great start in the first week!
A couple of things I wanted to draw your attention to.  We have a number of Functional leads and I just wanted to remind you who they were and what they do.  There are a couple of vacancies - so if you have a query regarding Fundraising or Sales, please direct them to me in the first instance.
  1. Programme Controller - Andy Waterfield
  2. Social Media - Ren Behan
  3. Website - Nick Hazell
  4. Engineering - Lawrence Card
  5. Training - Ed Barradell
  6. Volunteer Management - Elly Parselle
  7. Fundraising - TBA
  8. Sales - TBA (me pro tem)
  9. Finance - Jason Brimson
Secondly, the volunteer meetings are now taking shape.
Team leaders for these meetings now have a list of volunteers to set up a team meeting (a big thank you to them for agreeing to do this) and these will now happen over the next couple of weeks.
The teams have been set up, roughly, into natural work team (i.e. teams that you would normally be associated within your role) but not strictly, as there are volunteers that cross a number of teams.
The aim of these meetings is to ensure that we connect with all volunteers to see how everyone is doing, help identify skills and opportunities that we may be able to use differently whilst in lockdown.  If available a board member will attend the meeting (for a short period of time) to answer questions and give an update on current topics (of which fundraising will be a key one).
We’re asking the teams to give feedback to Elly, so she can coordinate and feedback to the board.
I appreciate that this takes a bit of extra time out of everyone’s day, but it is important that we are all connected.  A number of roles are taking a bit of a back seat while the studio’s are closed and we are having to operate differently - so if you have the time and we can use your skill sets somewhere else, then we can spread some of the workload more evenly across volunteers.