Internal blog post
Weekly Update – 1 July 2020

I hope you've been able if you are not shielding to take advantage of the relaxation of some restrictions. Please do be alert and don't take any risks. At Radio Verulam, we know some people who have experienced Coronavirus though thankfully did not need hospital treatment; the experience is not one they want to repeat.

My partner Craig and I have taken the opportunity of the relaxation of French restrictions to visit our home in tbe Alps for a few weeks, but thanks to technology, I can still broadcast and keep on top of (just!) the company matters, many emails, website and so on which take up quite a bit of my week. I am also looking after my elderly mother here so life is far from quiet!

Do remember to let Ellie know how you can help with things which aren't on air by filling in the simple form here : (you need to be logged in). We know that some volunteers have left us due to other pressures or changing interests and we'll be assuming anyone who doesn't complete the form is in this situation.

If you're concerned about the radio station's future, you need not be.  We have definitely turned a corner now thanks to the great fundraising work on various quizzes and the brilliant idea of a virtual flower show, plus the substantial work done by members of our Board on grant applications.  We can't be complacent; we probably aren't going to see our traditional mainstay of advertising revenue bounce back much until perhaps the middle of next year but we are no longer in a situation of financial difficulty.

We're starting to think about what the "new normal" looks like.  That includes work going on in the background to fit our new studio equipment between now and September, social distancing and Covid secure working permitting, possible additional space, and ways to expand the amount of content being produced by home, plus thinking about how we become less dependent on advertising revenues.  Any ideas and suggestions welcome please.

Elly is working on future volunteer meetings.  If there are particular topics you'd like to see covered, please drop her an email at