Internal blog post
Wednesday Afternoon Opportunity

Ian Colyer has decided to concentrate on his Saturday evening Music Memories programme and so there is a vacancy for the 1-4pm slot each Wednesday. Denise and/or I will be keen to hear from anyone who would like to take this on.

It's a daytime playlist show not a specialist music one, and comes with a loose structure and format. It is important as we sell our advertising (and advertising features such as the Legal Experts strand) based on daytime output. We really would like someone to commit to doing it 'for the forseeable', starting in July.

Please get in touch if you are interested or if you have any questions. Denise and I will be pleased to hear from you and happy to answer any questions at all.

This message is on RV Inside and on the RV Volunteers facebook group.  If you want to get in touch either email me, or post in the comments on Facebook if you're happy for questions and answers to be open for everyone to read.