Internal blog post
Website updates

Following the training sessions, we've taken away some ideas and worked on them and other important fixes:

  • The booking system is more or less working correctly now
  • Podcasts are now featured on our homepage
  • We have, in the help section, a "report issues" form; please use it
  • We have added/improved pages for the experience days, contacting us and for advertising with us
  • We have added a "delete" capability in the "my content" area and will roll it out to all post types shortly
  • Added a "check and edit your contact details" section on the RV:INSIDE home page.  Please update yours
  • Added "presenter instructions" for important reads etc on the on air dashboard

Next steps are:

  • Finishing the volunteer application flow and forms so new volunteers are registered and allocated to roles
  • Speeding up page load
  • Fixing some issue which have been introduced by a theme update (some pages are loading tabs with too much content in them and we have some limitations on building new pages until the software provider issues a fix)
  • Including topics and shows links against individual posts
  • Fixing audio clips for Mac and mobile users

There might be some things you didn't know you can do on our new website (you need to be logged in to see these):